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Recreating Life Patterns

Patterns are in our daily habits of everything we do. They influence our personality, our emotions, and our actions in every relationship. Recreating Life Patterns is structured to create a spiral of growth out of futile patterns to create a new positive foundation of Self that will empower you to move forward with intention and awareness. Recreating Life Patterns is not just any self-development course. This program can be challenging; you will be required to look at yourself honestly and be willing to move beyond old perceptions.

In this course you will...

Identify the patterns you desire to break

Realize the root causes of traits and behaviours

Empower yourself utilizing practical step-by-step guidelines


Effectively monitor your own behaviour


Identify your motives and intentions in a moment


Re-create your self-foundation in line with your heart’s desires


Make lasting changes in your life

NEW FOR 2023: Seven Modules in the Foundational Program

Recreating Life Patterns is now divided into seven 3-hour modules. Participants may choose to attend any individual module(s), or enroll in all seven consecutively for the complete course.


For class descriptions and pricing options, see below.

Recreating Life Patterns COMPLETE COURSE
— All 7 modules in just one weekend! —

November 10-12, 2023

Friday 7 - 9pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 3pm

In person at Time to Heal

511 Canada Ave. Duncan, BC

Registration will open in mid-October. Click below to join the waitlist now!

This program guides you to 

greater self-awareness


conscious decision making

to build a 

personal foundation for longterm stability.


Modules can be taken independently in any order, or all seven can be taken consecutively at a discounted rate.  Repeating modules is strongly encouraged to enhance daily integration of the tools. 
Completion of all seven modules is required prior to registration in the Level 2: Growth Program courses.

Module 1: Patterns? Oh, THOSE Patterns

In Module 1, we look at how we fit into the bigger picture. What influence do we have to create change? How do our daily lives affect how we feel about ourselves? You'll learn to see yourself objectively, with a positive focus, and empower yourself to build the life you desire... on purpose!

Module 1 topics include:

  • Self-empowered versus running dark patterns

  • 7 Premises of Energy Flow

  • Patterns and desires (intro)

Module 2: Home is Where the Patterns Are

In Module 2, we dig into our current foundation. Where did we come from? What traits did we adopt from our family of origin, and how do those influence us today? We'll celebrate the beauty your family carries, while validating painful experiences and shining a light on the hidden gifts within. Then you can consciously choose what you desire to carry forward, and what you're ready to let go of.

Module 2 topics include:

  • Family traits

  • Self traits

  • 4 boxes for self-discovery

Module 3: What Am I Doing?

In Module 3, we explore the ways that we block ourselves from showing up in our integrity. How can we catch ourselves in a dark pattern? And how do we get out of it when we do? You'll uncover the specific lines you most commonly think and say when you're running your dark patterns, and you'll identify your own personal shortcuts to get back to your integrity.

Module 3 topics include:

  • Denials – intellectualizing, minimizing, & rationalizing

  • Recognizing darkness

  • Transmutation

Module 4: Why Do I Do That?

In Module 4, we level up the accountability. Are your actions congruent with your values and your desires? What can we do to bridge the gap? We'll get clear on our motives and intentions that power our decisions, and learn to align these with our personal needs, wants, and desires to choose actions that build the life we imagine.

Module 4 topics include:

  • Motives & intentions

  • Needs, wants, & desires

  • Accountability exercise for patterns and behaviours

Module 5: Hey Me! Get Out of the Way!

In Module 5, we look at some common behaviours that may not be working for us. How do fear and guilt influence our actions? How can we instead make choices that truly honour ourselves? You'll assess what common patterns you default to, and learn strategies to pause your reaction and choose positive in challenging interactions.

Module 5 topics include:

  • Double-thought

  • Self-defeating learned behaviours

Module 6: Do I Do That?!

In Module 6, we simplify all our actions into three basic modes of behaviour. How are you showing up in your interactions and relationships? How are you representing yourself in your own life? You'll recognize how some of your behaviours contradict your highest self, and discover how you can utilize light control, pride, and ego to automatically break the patterns that are holding you back.

Module 6 topics include:

  • Modes of behaviour – light & dark control, pride, & ego

Module 7: Gratitude in Be-Ing

In Module 7, we focus on moving forward in creating a new, positive reality. What do you desire in this life? How can we bring our desires to fruition? What does it mean to be truly present in the moment? We'll de-mystify the idea of manifest in a practical and down-to-earth way, and learn how to flow with our natural cycles of growth.

Module 7 topics include:

  • Cycles of growth

  • Desires

  • Be-ing in a moment

  • Aligning mind/spirit/body



Pricing is per person. 5% GST is added to all rates.

  • Single module – $149

  • Complete course (7 modules consecutively) – $820


We offer a discounted rate to participants registering for any module or complete course that they've completed with us previously:

  • Single module – $111

  • Complete course (7 modules consecutively) – $349


We offer our indigenous participants a discounted rate of 15% off all of our programs.

Enter discount code INDIGENOUS at checkout.


The Spirit First Workshops are committed to making our programs accessible to every individual who is heartfully committed to their own healing and growth. If cost is a barrier for you, please get in touch. In many cases, payment plans can be arranged. We will work with you to find a solution that works for all.


The Foundational Program is made up of seven 3-hour modules. Each module can be taken independently, or altogether as a full series. Completion of all seven modules is required prior to registering in Level 2: Growth Program courses.


Public groups are held regularly online via Zoom, and are typically open to 6-12 participants. Intensive weekend retreats are periodically offered at our location in beautiful Duncan, British Columbia. Private workshops can be booked for community, educational, or corporate groups.


The workshops are taught by an experienced and highly trained team who have all been through the program as clients and worked their way to health and stability through consistent humble effort.


“I learned to look at my life and patterns in an objective way without judgment and identify concrete, practical steps to take to change what is not working and move in a positive direction.”

Andrew Louisy
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