self-development reimagined

Time to Heal Society is proud to partner with the Spirit First Workshops to offer a complete series of radical self-development courses as the backbone of our program.


The Spirit First Workshops support people in getting out of their own way!


Through down-to-earth guidelines, practical tools, humour, and connection, participants set a trajectory for positive long-term stability and success. The instructors are a dynamic and heartful team dedicated to growth, success, and connection.

A portion of the proceeds from the Workshops go to support the operating costs of the Time to Heal Society.

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Recreating Life Patterns


This course is designed to guide individuals to greater self-awareness and conscious decision-making on a day-to-day basis to create a personal foundation for longterm stability.

  • BUILD a personal foundation based on positive sense of self

  • EMPOWER yourself through practical behavioural tools

  • TRANSFORM challenges into solutions

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Developing Willpower in Transition


The second workshop builds on the tools learned in Workshop 1 with a focus on moving through transition with ease. This course is a guide to developing will-power to adapt and change in a healthy way.

  • Stabilizing Self-foundations (Why is it still hard?!)

  • Self-Perception vs. Natural Character

  • Forgiveness/Acceptance/Letting Go

  • Imagination and Creativity: Heart Foundation

coming soon...
I Am Positively Grateful


Coming soon, the third workshop is about accepting all outcomes and being grateful in every moment. Standing confidently in Who You Are and flowing with life’s challenges.


Stay tuned…


The workshops are taught by an experienced and highly trained team who have all been through the program as clients and worked their way to health and stability through consistent humble effort.


“I learned to look at my life and patterns in an objective way without judgment and identify concrete, practical steps to take to change what is not working and move in a positive direction.”


Workshop study group sessions happen every Tuesday evening, hosted by our apprentice instructors. The goal is to aid people in consistently implementing the tools they have learned in the workshops into their daily lives, break ongoing patterns, and strengthen their positive sense of Self. Bring your current challenges and work on consistently implementing the tools from the workshops into your day-to-day life.

Study groups are open to anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns

Every Tuesday

6 - 8pm Pacific time

Online via Zoom

$12 donation appreciated

Meeting ID: 933 6687 3262
Passcode: practice