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The Time to Heal shop, including the private steam room and sauna, is currently open on SATURDAYS FROM 11 - 5, and otherwise by appointment.

We continue to offer counselling services, workshops, and community events in a virtual format.


Time to Heal is unique in how practitioners work multi-dimensionally as a team. Our practitioners work collaboratively with clients for your highest benefit in the long-term. Each session may be handled by one or more of our practitioners, as determined by client need. Modalities are frequently combined, and counselling is often done as part of bodywork sessions.

With love and humour, we guide clients through personal, professional, and family struggles, addictions, trauma recovery, injuries, illnesses, mental health challenges, life transitions, and more.

We guide clients to align their actions with their true desires and highest potential.

We offer counselling for adults, children, and youth, as well as group counselling, workshops, and community building.

We work within an awareness of the ongoing struggles related to systemic and colonial oppression.

In couples and family counselling our focus is to support the best outcome for the children, guiding co-parenting and parents' personal growth through challenging situations, with the goal of helping families maintain long-term stability and peace.

Time To Heal views the heart as one’s personal guide to long-term peace, fulfillment, and stability. Our treatment philosophies and protocols create a dance between Western psychotherapy and traditional healing practices such as music, shakers, drumming, hydrotherapy sweats, mindfulness, and meditation.

We encourage clients to “keep it on Earth” and “don’t think, be thoughtful.”

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Ready to level up?

Time To Heal is for people who desire to let go of self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and explore what is possible with a long-term focus on growth and health. Housing multiple modalities in an arena of unconditional love and humour, Andrew and Erin are memorable individuals to interact with.


To maximize healing mind/body/spirit for long-term positive growth and stability, healing packages are available. Programs are customized to the individual and may include: a team of practitioners, body-work, counselling, addiction recovery, workshops, herbal remedies, exercise, phone counselling, and/or private healing lessons. Please inquire directly.


Time To Heal commonly utilizes open-forum counselling and group counselling as a component of therapeutic community building. This style of counselling is part of our philosophy that we are mirrors for each other and that by sharing in experience and seeing how similar we are we can accelerate healing, build connection, release shame, and move forward in a balanced way. Staff members will also share personal experiences and struggles when appropriate. We are highly discerning in what is shared and who is present in open-forum sessions. We take great care in assessing the appropriateness of the topics that are broached based on each client’s individual needs. In an open-forum session staff or clients may suggest waiting to discuss some sensitive personal information and experiences in private. If at any point as a client you are not comfortable in a group setting, please communicate it with the counsellor immediately. Staff will also check in regularly to ensure client comfort.

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