The Spirit First Workshop Series, created by Andrew Louisy, is designed to help individuals break away from sabotage and denial behaviours to establish a new way of being with a solid foundation that has them on a continuous path of growth, success, and connection in alignment with their heart’s desires. The foundational course, Recreating Life Patterns, provides a roadmap out of struggle through behavioural change within a spirit-based understanding of intergenerational trauma and intergenerational healing. Mirroring is used to build connections within the community, enhance accountability and vulnerability, and as an antidote to shame.

The workshops are taught by an experienced and highly trained team who have all been through the program as clients and worked their way to health and stability through consistent humble effort.

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Andrew’s ongoing goal for over 30 years has been to have individuals fully recover from seemingly impossible challenges. He has utilized the tools from the Spirit First Workshops to help over a thousand clients transform their lives, heal their relationships and families, recover from addiction, abuse, and trauma, and most of all, let go of the ego delusions that keep people trapped in cycles of futility. Andrew’s ability to read the truth of a person, beyond their denials and distractions, provides the roadmap to their heart’s desires.

Andrew’s journey has taken him to various parts of the world and given him an exhaustive understanding of the repetitive nature of family patterns and dark illusions, why individuals struggle, and what it truly takes to wholeheartedly embrace ones potential. He worked directly with clients in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and he is well acquainted the demons of addiction, personally and professionally. Andrew created the Spirit First Workshops in order to establish a long-term foundation of self so he could become someone who gives back to society in every way, heartfully, consistently, and gratefully.

Andrew endeavours to make a guest appearance to most workshop groups to heighten the group's understanding of the workshop.

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Erin is especially passionate about her work with couples and families. Recreating Life Patterns provided the foundation and structure for Erin to transform her life. Eleven years ago, Erin was locked in a self-destructive spiral. She was co-dependently invested in an emotionally abusive relationship. Her family relations were strained and unhealthy, and she was struggling financially, personally, and professionally.

Erin chose to dedicate her time to the Spirit First Workshop Series because it worked when nothing else did. In her words, “By the time I met Andrew I’d tried everything. Counsellors and friends would end up believing my denials, and support my rationale for destruction. I was desperate for change, but I thought I needed to do it on my own. Recreating Life Patterns gave me the foundation I was missing, the tools to hold myself accountable, and the community and support I needed to rebuild with humility and gratitude.” Erin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #17070) and achieved a Master of Counselling from City University in 2019. Her thesis, entitled “Challenging Confidentiality and Dual Relationships in the Treatment of Addiction: A Case Study” is available for download. Erin is happily married with two children, and actively inspired in all aspects of her life.


Cheryl has implemented the Spirit First Workshop teachings into every area of her life. When she began her work with Andrew Louisy in 2009, Cheryl was living in denial fuelled by addiction to various substances and behaviours, and desperate for change. Integration of the Workshop teachings resulted in a deep and lasting shift. She gained insight into her hopes, desires, and values, and has been empowered to move forward in these consistently. Her most recent achievement has been a career change, being accepted into the legal profession in June 2020. 

Cheryl has always had a heart and passion for people and for social justice but was unable to link this to her work due to a low sense of self-worth and an inability to create and maintain healthy boundaries. The Spirit First program helped her to identify the patterns that had been holding her back. She created a new foundation of self and learned how to transition into an authentic life with stability and grace. Nowadays, not only is she pursuing a career that is in line with her heart desires, she has renewed relationships with family members and she and her partner are raising a vibrant little girl. Cheryl embraces life and its changes with a strong sense of self; accountable, directed and above all, grateful. In her words: “I have healed and been empowered – mind, body, and spirit – to move forward positively in my life. I am now living a life that is beyond what I could ever have envisioned, with a loving family, dynamic community relationships, and inspiring professional interactions! It is a pleasure and an honour to facilitate these Workshops, supporting others to identify and achieve their own heart desires. The sky’s the limit when you can get out of your own way!”  


Jessica has a passion for respecting culture while promoting healthy relationships and growth. She works as a school counsellor in a First Nations–governed and –operated school. Jessica achieved a Master in Social Work, specializing in Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency, from the University of Toronto in June 2019.

When Jessica started at Time To Heal in 2012 as a client she was drowning in anxiety, fear, and a decade of depression. The Spirit First Workshop Series was able to help Jessica when no other counsellors could by empowering her to take responsibility for her choices in every moment and to see that she had been living in anticipation of a non-existent fantasy. Her futile patterns, denials, and unhealthy distractions blinded her from finding joy and fulfillment in her present reality.

As she incorporated the practical tools taught in Recreating Life Patterns, she began to see she had been making desperate attempts for connection and validation of her self-worth through emotionally unavailable and manipulative relationships. Her sense of entitlement and ego had her taking a victim stance in life. She was in a constant state of emotional chaos. Through the workshops, Jessica found self-acceptance and learned to forgive herself and move forward with stability and faith. Jessica apprenticed to teach the Workshop Series based on her ability to integrate the workshop positively into all aspects of her life. She shines as an example of what is possible when one embraces positive accountability with humility and grace. Jessica is now married and has a happy, curious son. She is passionately inspired in her work and a respected member of many communities.


Christine has shown the dedication and discipline to recreate all aspects of her life. She recalls, “When I first stumbled into Time to Heal in 2014, I felt like the Universe was beating me over the head with a 2×4!  I knew on some level I was getting in my own way.  I just couldn’t seem to get it together.”  Christine would spiral in emotional chaos, overwhelming herself to rationalize her right to be a victim of her own choices.  She had big dreams, and even bigger patterns of sabotage. 

The Spirit First Workshop Series became a guiding light for Christine to recreate her entire life from the inside out.  The foundational course, Recreating Life Patterns, allowed her to realize exactly where she was blocking herself, and empowered her to make choices that were in alignment with her heart’s desires.  The second workshop, Developing Willpower in Transition, taught her to flow through challenges with stability, forgiveness, and faith.  By locking into consistency in doing what works, she has become a respected and valued leader in the community and in all aspects of her life.

Christine is currently pursuing graduate studies at the University of Ottawa in music performance and musicians' mental wellness. She is a passionate performer, teacher, and mentor. Multi-talented and highly driven to excellence, Christine is also an accomplished horse trainer and carriage driver.

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Anna Mae Kanwar, a Career Development Practitioner and Employment Counselor, is thrilled to be able to share the Spirit First Workshop Series with others who may be curious.  As a former actress, Anna Mae recalls asking the universe to dig her out of years of self abuse and patterned behaviour.  “I would act out in self destructive behaviours to gain a sense of control, and then hide my reality from anyone truly seeing how dark it was.  I would manipulate my friends, family and myself from seeing the truth in ways that I couldn’t even recognize. I would beat myself up because I ‘knew better’ but I could not DO better.” Anna Mae implemented the practices of the Spirit First Workshop Series and then gained more and more tools as she re-took the course multiple times.  The workshops have allowed her to gain clarity on who she is and remove the patterns of behaviour that were not serving her.  Through discipline, she was able to embody who she truly is authentically. Every aspect of her life has changed since taking the workshops from relationships to career path.

Anna Mae is devoted to community connection by identifying shame and guilt as forms of isolation.  Through humour, vulnerable sharing, and service, Anna Mae learned how we are can support each other with higher levels of operating. She deeply believes in will power and the stability achieved through consistently choosing positively focused, long term desires. She is happily married with a wonderful, feisty daughter and a food motivated beagle.