The Time to Heal therapeutic community is loving, inclusive, and supportive.  Clients empower each other through mentoring and mirroring, staying humble in where they came from and inspiring each other to keep growing.  Deep friendships form as clients learn to counsel each other, encouraging honesty and accountability and celebrating each other’s triumphs.  Many of our clients go on to train in healing and in this way give back to the community. Many clients become role models, spreading ripples of positive throughout their lives.


​Our clients come from all walks of life. They are artists and lawyers; health professionals, entrepreneurs and tradespeople.  They are parents, grandparents, and children; students and teachers.  The common thread among all of our clients is a desire to grow – to heal – to continuously better themselves  in order to shine their light brightly into their own communities.  Some of our clients first arrived at Time to Heal in physical or emotional crisis with nowhere else to turn.  Others came looking for help with a specific issue, while yet others were attracted by the strong sense of community and connection. 

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​The community comes together for regular Sunday Meetings, an informal and light-hearted gathering to aid each other in maintaining consistent growth and accountability within a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere.  There is often a great deal of laughter, exposure, and honouring each other’s successes, while finding solutions to personal challenges.  Meetings are open to anyone who desires to share in healing.

Every Sunday

5:30 - 8pm Pacific time

Online via Zoom

$7 donation appreciated

Meeting ID: 955 1029 7892
Passcode: community


Workshop study group sessions happen every Tuesday evening, hosted by our apprentice instructors. The goal is to aid people in consistently implementing the tools they have learned in the workshops into their daily lives, break ongoing patterns, and strengthen their positive sense of Self. Bring your current challenges and work on consistently implementing the tools from the workshops into your day-to-day life.

Study groups are open to anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in Workshop 1: Recreating Life Patterns

Every Tuesday

6 - 8pm Pacific time

Online via Zoom

$12 donation appreciated

Meeting ID: 933 6687 3262
Passcode: practice

I have found a community of loving and caring, a place to have a cup of tea, to cherish and be cherished, to love and be loved, a place to heal with people who mirror but do not judge.

- Eva S.


WeFlow – universal exercises

Andrew Louisy & Elena Buscher

✓ Virtual classes

Body Balance Healing Massage – registered massage therapy

Jody Palfy

✓ In person services: Cobble Hill, BC

Art from the Heart Studio – oil, pastel, & mixed medium paintings

Jan MacCormack

✓ Shipping available

✓ Personal studio: Sunshine Coast, BC

✓ Personal gallery: Time to Heal, Duncan, BC

Amandala Art Co. – mandala spirit rocks

Amanda Hodovick

✓ Shipping available

Flow it with Dawn – acrylic fluid art

Heather Campbell

✓ Shipping available

Career Empowerment – personal career coach

Anna Mae Kanwar

✓ Virtual services

Curiosity Driven Tutoring – math tutoring

Kailyn Pritchard

✓ Virtual services

Christine Beattie Equine – horse training & instruction

Christine Beattie

✓ Virtual services

✓ In-person services: Ottawa, Ontario

Christine Beattie, horn – classical performer & teacher

Christine Beattie

✓ Virtual services

✓ In-person services: Ottawa, Ontario

Morewave – business internet and communications solutions

James Clendenan

✓ Virtual services

✓ In-person services: Metro Vancouver, BC