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Developing Willpower in Transition

We will continue to be constantly challenged to maintain our sense of balance when faced with life's challenges. Changing patterns in the moment can be a challenging task. It’s one thing to maintain our stability in comfortable and positive situations, but how do you keep that confident sense of internal balance when faced with old contrary patterns, family struggles, stressing situations, or simply life happening?

Workshop 2 builds on the tools learned in Workshop 1 with a focus on moving through transition with ease. 

In this course you will...

Disentangle s​elf-perception from natural character

Implement forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go as a practice

Stabilize your self-foundation


Reconnect to your heart though imagination and creativity


Reality-check your perceptions in a moment

Let go of self-victimization stories


Get clear on your own morals, values, and ethics

This course guides you to 

develop willpower

in being able to




in a 

healthy way.

Workshop 2 is for YOU if you have graduated from Workshop 1 and have demonstrated a consistent effort to incorporate the practices from that workshop into your life. In Workshop 1 we looked at the root of patterns and Control/Pride/Ego behaviours. You have empowered yourself to recreate your life and learned practical strategies for changing patterns in the moment. As you have probably discovered, changing patterns in the moment can be a challenging task. Plus, as you succeed in altering contrary patterns, you are then faced with new opportunities to go deeper and grow more, thus continuing the cycle of growth. Awareness of Self doesn’t eliminate struggle, but it does create a foundation to rely upon when life gets tough. Workshop 2 digs deeper into the concepts presented in Workshop 1, and answers the question, "why is it still hard?" In this course, you will learn to lock in your positive choices in the midst of great challenges.



Workshop 2 is generally offered a couple times a year, according to demand. Please contact us to express your interest and inquire about possible dates/times/locations not listed.

No current dates found. Please email us to express your interest in Workshop 2.


Group course – $1,120
Indigenous rate – $950
Repeat clients – $388
Private course – please contact

Pricing is per person. 5% GST is added to all rates. Payment plans are available.


The Spirit First Workshops are committed to making our programs accessible to every individual who is heartfully committed to their own healing and growth. If cost is a barrier for you, please get in touch. In many cases, payment plans can be arranged. We will work with you to find a solution that works for all.


Workshop 2 is a 30-hour course, offered in a weekly format over eight weeks. Public groups are held once or twice a year, according to demand. Courses may be offered online via Zoom and/or in person at our site in Duncan, BC, as well as at private locations in multiple cities. Please email us to express your interest in an upcoming course. Our group courses are typically open to 6-12 participants. Private workshops can be booked for community, educational, or corporate groups.


Tuition is non-refundable. Monies held may be transferred to other Time To Heal services and workshops, or transferred into someone else's name. A request must be made in writing no later than the workshop start date. No refunds or transfers will be issued after the workshop start date. All monies held must be utilized within 12 months of the initial payment date. If I choose to transfer to another workshop date or program I understand there will be a $50.00 administration fee. All transfers must be submitted in writing and have office approval.


“Forgiveness/Acceptance/Letting Go gave me a roadmap to freedom and peace.”

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