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We are continuing to work with clients both in person and virtually, by appointment only.

Workshops, Sunday meetings, and workshop study groups are continuing to be held virtually.

To book an appointment with Erin or Andrew, to book a private steam/sauna, or for info on upcoming workshops, please email the office. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new workshop dates and other goings-on.

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What makes Time to Heal unique is our radical commitment to accountability and to honouring self and community. We believe that authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability are integral to long-term stability.  

Based in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, Time to Heal is owned and operated by Andrew Louisy and Erin Kapela. For over 35 years Andrew has been focused on helping clients recreate their lives and health, empowering clients as healers, and building a healing community. Andrew is known for his ability to intuitively read what a client can’t see. He works body/mind/spirit to guide clients beyond their perceived limitations and challenges them to rise to their highest potential.  Erin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is passionately dedicated to Recreating Life Patterns and helping families heal intergenerational pain.  Erin is especially passionate about her work with couples and families. She believes that what we heal in ourselves ripples in both directions through our families, and heals our children and our parents, then our grandchildren and our grandparents.

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